We have been the Tasmanian Dealers for Formosa Boats for a number of years now, with many happy customers who can highly recommend the strength, ride, quality and attention to detail of these boats.

Whether you are looking for a fishing workhorse or a weekend family pleasure craft, all models are designed with versatility and practicality in mind. Each boat has the same engineering specifications so you can be assured that the famous strength qualities are present in each hull regardless of the size or model, while the spacious layout and freeboard allows you to have the best of both worlds without compromise!

As an Aluminium Plate boat, all models have 4mm bottom, 3mm side hull as standard which allows for a modern flat side look, combined with new layout designs and a new hull construction technique featuring fully welded floor ribs and longitudinal hull structure. Besides giving further strength qualities, unlike the traditional cross bearing rib layout used in pressed boats, this process provides a more consistent hull shape along the keel line — which means a smoother ride and better trim range — plus a firmer underfoot feel as you ride through the chop.

Established in Brisbane since 1998, Formosa has slowly been building a reputation through word of mouth as one of Australia’s best-designed and versatile range of aluminium boats.

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Formosa 580 Half Cabin

$49950 5.95 Metres 2011